Thank you for choosing Northern Lights Reptile Imports!!

  We strive to ship only the best quality reptiles and amphibians. We encourage new lineage into Canada (and Europe!) to diversify what we already have or to introduce a species into the country!


  We can arrange your import into and out of Europe, as well as other countries. Send us any requests or questions by email or facebook to give you a quote or any sort of inquiry for animals. 

  We have single animal rates to provide you the cheapest possible method of shipping your new pet to you!  If you have a full box shipment request, please let us know and we can work out something to fit your needs, as well as arrange a Health Certificates and Genetic Certificates (if breeder has it) if required.


**We only use Reptile Express International for our national shipping and USA importing and exporting.**

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Europe to Canada

  • 1 head  -  $100

  • 2 heads - $175

  • 3 heads - $225

  • 4 +        - $65 each

+ 5% on animal value

*Reptile Express shipping is separate if required

Canada to Europe(Hamm)

  • 1 head  -  100euro

  • 2 heads - 150euro

  • 3 heads - 190euro

  • 4 +       -  55euro each

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If you are a wholesaler, PLEASE inform us! We offer cheaper rates for bulk orders on our shipments